Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Combing the Coast and Pawning Jewelry
When you are meandering along the sea on Oceanside and are looking for a pawn shop or even a story to be inspired by, it is always amusing to know that once  upon a time, a middle aged man once brought his gold anchor pendant that had an unusually large diamond in the center of it for a collateral loan. When he was asked about the unique piece of jewelry, he mentioned that when he got divorced, he had both of his ex-wives wedding rings melted down and forged into an anchor to be reminded of how had been weighed down by both of his marriages. The large diamond actually came from one of his ex-wives engagement ring.

Whether you are in the market for fast cash or erasing the old with the new, it never hurts to search your local pawn broker for interesting stories and hidden treasures.

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