Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Mystery Behind Pawn Shopping and Bargains

Not all pawn shops look the same in that their inventory sets the precedence of what will be displayed. however, much like any retail shop a pawn shop Oceanside is usually easy to navigate.

It has been said pawn shops are the symbol of mankind’s greed, yet the patron saint of pawnbrokers maintains a legacy as one of the most generous human beings to have ever walked the earth. Saint Nicholas was known for his benevolence. In one instance, he rescued the three daughters of a poor man from becoming prostitutes by giving him three bags of gold to provide dowry for them to be married, throwing the sacks through a window at night.

It is also said on other versions that Nicholas dropped the bags off one at a time over three consecutive nights. On the third night, the man attempted to discover the identity of his mysterious benefactor, but Nicholas was shrewd and dropped the bag down the chimney. Later this story was modified by throwing in reindeer and replacing the gold for toys, to create the known legend of Santa Claus.

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