Monday, July 30, 2018

The Most Useful Tools for Pawn Shops Oceanside
How did a violin that was bought at a pawn shop for $50, end up being worth about 5,000 times that.

At a place similar to Gems N' Loans Oceanside, had no idea what they were buying when they paid for the Ferdinando Gagliano violin, which was handcrafted in 1759 and is worth $250,000. The store manager was quoted saying that the bows alone are worth $16,000 to $18,000.

According to the police in that area, they said the violin was stolen during a house break-in and has since been returned to its rightful owner, and the seller had no criminal record and they’re still investigating.

You never know what you arguing to find at a pawn shop. Pawn broker is interesting and often accumulates heirlooms and antiquities that are historic in value and conversation. Most pawn brokers are through and sure to vet the merchandise coming in to hurt stores, to ensure they aren't stolen.

Find out if you have a valuable treasure in your collection!

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